Exhibitor Rules

Jurying: All crafters and specialty food vendors are invited to apply. All products to be displayed must be handcrafted by you or someone in your family. If you are new to our shows, enclose pictures or an email address of your work (one will be kept on file). Any misrepresentation will be removed, without recourse. Some vendors will be at each show at the discreation of Mike and Pat.

Advertising: Our fairs are annual events that are extensively advertised in all available local media plus posters and discount tickets, face book


Show set up: 7:30a.m. to 9:30a.m. (anyone not checking in by 9:30 is subject to forfeit their space without refund) Anyone arriving before 7:30 a.m. may locate their space and set up. Any difficulties arising before
7:30 a.m. must be taken care of at 7:30a.m. (Please) No interruptions while taping.

No soliciting literature for any shows! Literature can only be distributed in your customer bags! (Not on your display). We have the right to remove any offensive product.

Space cost: Minimum fee plus additional footage may be bought in length only. Tables are available at shows indicated for $10.00

Electricity: Available if applied for (bring your own cords and duct tape)

Rain Date: No show will be canceled or rescheduled because of inclement weather (unless otherwise indicated), so come prepared

Bad Weather Date: If any show is going to be called due to bad weather we will post it under URGENT News on our home page

Tax number: A tax number is required for each state you are applying for, except N.H.

Refunds & Acceptance: Flexible payment plan. First show must be paid in full and a $25.00 deposit on each additional show, and your First Show must be paid in full and a $10.00 deposit on each additional show ( to use this option you must be doing at least five shows). Method of payment will be the same for all continuing shows, if not already paid for previously by mail or credit card (you must always be paid one show in advance). If balances are not received your space is subject to cancellation without refund of deposit (unless prior arrangements have been made). Once accepted, all fees are non-refundable. Upon acceptance you will receive a email letting you know that you are in.  If for any reason you cannot make a show please call (978) 939-2317. If no one is available, please leave a message.

Misc: No removal of stock or display during show hours (even if you sell out you must remain at show). Please leave your area the way you found it. There are no attachments allowed to any walls, fixtures, curtains etc...

Parking: Vehicles cannot remain in the entrance, they must be moved to designated areas as soon as you unload. We ask tat you unload, move your vehicle, and then set up so others may be able to do the same. All crafts people must park in designated areas after unloading.


SPECIAL REQUESTS: Write on application. We will try our best.

Mike & Pats will reserve the right to add or
amend the rules and regulations at any time.
Any decision of Mike & Pats shall be final.